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How to clear your mind

Author: Thubten Chodron.

Tara is the feminine embodiment of enlightenment. For centuries, practitioners have turned to this benevolent and beloved deity for protection from outer and inner danger, be it the fire of a fire or the fire of anger and arrogance. According to an ancient legend, Tara was a princess who, out of compassion for all sentient beings, vowed to become a Buddha in a female body to lead every single creature on the path of enlightenment. According to another legend, Tara was born from a tear of Avalokiteshvara, grieved because he could not empty the hell of the poor ignoramuses condemned to suffer the pains. Again, spiritually, Tara is a manifestation or embodiment of enlightened qualities, an emanation of virtues such as love, compassion, joy, equanimity, generosity, wisdom, focus, and etc. Among the different forms of Tara, distinguished by color, attributes and physical posture, this book describes the practice of the Green Tara, the one who eliminates obstacles and leads to success. As an emanation of bliss and emptiness, Tara inspires us to become aware of our potential and to generate its qualities within ourselves.


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