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For authentic happiness

Author: Martin EP Seligman

Traditionally, psychology deals with only one topic: mental distress. And with this he also gets along quite well: if today we know how to fight depression, alcoholism, schizophrenia it is above all thanks to the fact that we know what they are. Yet for Martin Seligman all this is no longer enough: why confine the efficacy of psychology to the treatment of pathologies? Why not use his extraordinary achievements to increase our psychophysical well-being? These are the questions that led Seligman to found the theory of positive psychology, which revolutionized many of the results of traditional psychology by studying the positive emotion that each of us possesses, the strengths of character, virtues, abilities such as intelligence and athleticism. Through a 360-degree analysis of everything that makes our life an unrepeatable unicum - planning, love, responsibilities, personal satisfaction, sociality, work, family, parenting -, and with help with tests and exercises of proven usefulness, Seligman shows us the way that leads to what Aristotle calls the "good life", our happiness, a goal within the reach of anyone who undertakes to learn correct behaviors towards others and towards himself .

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