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Finding serenity. How to overcome depression through awareness

Author: Z. Seagal - J. Kabat Zinn

Whether you are struggling with depression or simply want to understand your emotions better, you will find this book truly helpful. The practice of mindfulness, a simple but effective way of paying attention to your most difficult experiences, can help you to permanently break the cycle of chronic unhappiness. Four exceptionally qualified scholars explain why our attempts to free ourselves from the mood by “reasoning” or “shaking us” cause us to sink even further into a downward spiral. Drawing deep teachings from both Eastern meditation traditions and cognitive therapy, the authors show how to bypass mental habits that lead to despair, in order to more effectively address life's challenges. Jon Kabat-Zinn is the kind and encouraging guide who will accompany you in the meditations of the CD attached to the volume, completing the program that the text offers to those who want to regain serenity and well-being.

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