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Face to face with fear

Author: Krishnannanda Amana

This book describes a journey: from co-addiction to love and meditation. According to Krishnananda and Amana, many important life events have to do with fear in some way and much of the inner growth matures by working on the fears. Fears can be of various kinds: the fear of affirming one's creativity, that of loss, punishment, criticism and judgments, the fear of rejection, loneliness, survival, the fear of exposing oneself, that of failure or of success, intimacy, confrontation, anger, the fear of losing control. Fear is omnipresent, and however much we try to ignore, overcome, remove or deny it, it exerts a powerful effect and remains a hidden force that can cause chronic anxiety, sabotage our creativity, make us rigid, suspicious, and can nullify our efforts. to find love. If, on the other hand, we make friends with fear, bringing it out into the open and exploring it, it can become a transforming force, opening up in us an abyss of vulnerability and self-acceptance. Starting from the theory of co-dependence and the inner child, Krishnananda and Amana therefore suggest a method to get out of fear, healing from feelings of shame and guilt, with awareness exercises combined with energy work and guided meditations.

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