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Craniosacral therapy

Author: Elisabetta Ugolotti

Craniosacral therapy was born from the insights of osteopath William Sutherland, who discovered how fluid movement within the nervous system exerts pressure on the bones of the head, “making them breathe”. Biodynamic and biomechanical craniosacral therapy, the specific subject of the book, arises from all this and from the awareness that, by acting through the body's natural ability to self-correct, called the Breath of Life, one can maintain health. And it is precisely through this technique that the craniosacral operator aims to re-establish the compromised balance by listening to the three tides: short, medium and long, that is, the external energy field that pervades us, the motion of the entire Fluid System and that of the Cephalorachidian Fluid. The book intends to teach how to perceive and correct apathy, anger, fear, hatred and pain, negative emotions of which we are often prisoners, in order to return to the original state of our Being, the embryonic one. It teaches to dissolve the traumas that have lodged in the fascial systems, organs and bones, to help those suffering from asthma, panic attacks, learning difficulties and insomnia.

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