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Cranio-sacral therapy

Author: John E. Upledeger - Jon D. Vredevoogd

The dynamic activity of the cranial bones, the meningeal membranes, the brain-spinal fluid, the intracranial vascular system, the movement of body fluids and the functionality of all connective tissues, have been presented and universally disclosed precisely in this manual. The book defines the physiology and anatomy of the cranio-sacral system, the role it plays in maintaining homeostasis, presenting the concept of “cranio-sacral” with clarity and simplicity, as well as many pathological processes and clinical syndromes. With numerous drawings and presentations, methods for developing palpatory skills and applicable techniques are exhibited starting from the cephalic / sacral area up to the extremities of the body, to assist the cranio-sacral self-corrective mechanism, activate the reaction of the whole organism, compensate for imbalances of various body systems.

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