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Cd Medicin Buddha Puja

Medicine Buddha Puja performed by the Tibetan Buddhist Monks from Gaden Jangtse Monastery.

1. Refuge, Bodhicitta, Venue Blessing
2. Invitation to Buddhas
3. Homage to Buddha Suparikirtitanamashriraja
4. Homage to Buddha Svaraghosaraja
5. Homage to Buddha Suvarnabhadravimala
6. Homage to Buddha Ashokottamashri
7. Homage to Buddha Dharmakirtisagara
8. Homage to Buddha Abhijnaraja
9. Homage to Buddha Bhaisajyagura
10. Homage to Buddha Sakyammuni
11. Prayer for healing through the Dharma
12. Mantra recitation
13. Confession
14. Dedication, Benediction, Conclusion

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