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The quiet mind

Author: Gyalwa Dokhampa

In the Buddhist tradition the peaceful mind is open, active, ready to receive and give. Knowing the mind is the first and fundamental step to direct thoughts, words and actions and to focus on what you can really change in your life, without wasting time and energy chasing short-lived goals. Often, however, it is necessary to start from scratch, to undress what we think we know, letting go of praise and blame and living the present with wisdom and honesty. Being able to do it may seem like a difficult task but, as when climbing a mountain, it is enough not to look at the summit thinking how far it is, but to observe with satisfaction what you have behind you, the fruit, albeit immature, of your constancy and your own commitment. This book offers the reader a series of theoretical and practical tools to understand the true nature of ourselves and others. Through breathing, meditation, contemplation and mindfulness it will be possible to bring tranquility to the mind agitated by the contingencies of everyday life, and simply be, opening up to the world and life.

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