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Brass lamp

The butter lamp or butter lamp is an important element of temples and monasteries of Tibetan Buddhism spread throughout the himalayana. The main constituent is clarified yak butter, which is sometimes replaced by vegetable oil or edible fat.

According to Tibetan beliefs, butter lamps help to focus the mind, with positive repercussions on the practice of meditation. Several sources advise in fact to light butter lamps or candles as their light symbolizes the burning of mental afflictions that affect the human being such as desire, aggression, greed, jealousy, pride and other negative passions that slow down the path to wisdom and lighting. Usually, each monastery has an odd number of butter lamps, as Tibetans believe that odd numbers are lucky and bring happiness.

Pilgrims also provide lamp oil to gain merit. The monks of the monastery receiving the offer manage the lamps with extreme care to avoid the onset of fires that could devastate the building, which unfortunately happened several times over the past centuries. For safety reasons, therefore, the butter lamps are sometimes located in a delimited area inside the courtyards where only the monks can access.

Lamp lights also have a practical value, because they isolate the monasteries from the darkness of the surrounding valleys at night.


Size: small - 9 x 6,5 cm.

medium - 11 x 8 cm.

17,00 - 22,00



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