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Casket Khensur Ciampa Thegciog

A discourse on the two truths: the theme of the book refers to the essence of the Buddhist philosophical vision: the cognitive investigation of reality through the identification of the conventional aspect of the phenomena around us, and of their ultimate aspect. By recognizing the way of existing, error-free, devoid of change, which is the very condition proper to everything and every being, we can root out all the sufferings and problems of this life and future ones, as well as all karma. and mental afflictions.

Emptiness and dependent arising: A casket of authoritative teachings that with admirable clarity guide you step by step towards understanding the deep meaning and meditating on a topic of crucial impact.

Explanations on the theme of 'emptiness' usable by both experienced Dharma practitioners and beginners, because of exceptional clarity, synthesis and philosophical rigor, and rich in the inspiring energy deriving from personal experience as well as from the knowledge of a great Master.
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