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Bowls for offering

The bowls offerings with water

The traditional set of offerings, commonly represented by bowls of water, derives from the offerings usually made in ancient times to a distinguished guest in India. The first bowl contains clean drinking water for newly arrived guests. Water must be imagined as pure as nectar and offered in vessels made of precious substances. In the second bowl is water to wash the guest's feet, a reminder of the fact that in India people walked barefoot. In the third bowl there are flowers, reminiscent of the wreaths offered to women and garlands offered to men. Many beautiful fragrant flowers can be imagined. In the fourth bowl there is incense, an offering to satisfy the pleasure of smell. In the imagination, billowing clouds of incense are offered. The fifth offering, for the pleasure of sight, is a luminous light generally in the form of a lamp, which like the sun and the moon illuminates the darkness. This light is imagined so clear that you can see even the smallest atom unobstructed. Sometimes colored lights are offered and imagined as emanating nectar. In the Tibetan tradition it is believed that the different colors have various healing properties. Colored or not, the lights offered must be very clear. Light is imagined as that which pushes away the darkness of ignorance. Shariputra, the main disciple of Buddha, famous for his intelligence, had, in a previous life, made an offering of a very bright light in front of a stupa. As a result, he was reborn with great intelligence. The sixth offering consists of a bowl of scented water. Intended to calm the mind, it is applied to the heart. The seventh is an offering of food, generally in the form of a ritual cake or torma. In India, the offering traditionally contained three sweet substances: molasses, honey and sugar and three white substances: junket, butter and milk. In Tibet, these would be mixed with tsampa or barley flour to make a cake for offerings. The result is like ambrosia, pleasant in color, shape, smell and taste. The octave is an offering of sounds. It is not represented on the altar, but can simply be imagined as beautiful music.

The prices refer to the bowl per offer sold individually.

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