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Beyond violence

Author: Krishnamurti

“We have built a society that is violent,” says Krishnamurti, “and we, as human beings, are violent. Hence the most important question: is it possible to put an end to this terrible violence in ourselves? ”. Technologically, man has made enormous strides, but in his nature he remains what he was thousands of years ago: greedy, envious, aggressive and oppressed by pain. A fundamental change must take place in the human psyche and that change can only come through complete freedom from fear; if the mind is not absolutely free from fear, any form of action will bring further harm, unhappiness, confusion. The change in society is of secondary importance, in fact it will naturally occur when human beings have made, through meditation and true religion, the vital change in themselves. There must be that order that arises from an understanding of disorder; the process of control itself feeds disorder, but its opposite - lack of control - also feeds disorder. So what is required is the stillness of the mind, its complete, quiet and extraordinary discipline. The religious mind is a light to itself. The only problem is that the human being must radically and deeply produce a revolution in himself; and this work takes a lifetime.

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