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Mala sun stone

In crystal therapy the sun stone is used to speed up the metabolism and restore good digestion. It has a balancing power on the various organs. It works in the throat and stomach area, reduces tension. It helps to overcome the depressive states that hit in the change of seasons. Other physical properties include:

  • Relieve rheumatism and cartilage problems
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Cramps
  • Temperature
  • Various types of infections
  • Use the sun stone if you feel psychologically attached to your loved ones and cannot let them live their lives. On the contrary, by using this mineral you will be able to put love first, the unconditional and non-possessive good. At the same time, it helps you recognize the bonds that need to be cut. It is the perfect stone for you if you are facing important study or creative work sessions, it helps you to maintain concentration and not procrastinate. It stimulates your thirst for independence, it leads you to think in individualistic terms, but without ignoring the importance of teamwork. The sun stone encourages the optimistic vision of life, to remove the hooks that keep us connected to of harmful emotional patterns. They help us turn anger into determination for achieving goals. It allows you to see things in a much more detached way, without becoming insensitive.
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