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Mala moonstone wristwatch

Adjustable lanyard.

In ancient times but also today, in India the moonstone is considered a sacred stone. Associated with the moon, the stone was worn by the goddess Diana and in the East moonstone amulets were often hung from fruit trees to ensure fruitful and abundant crops and in the Middle Ages, by alchemists, it was believed that if held in the mouth, the moonstone could help make appropriate decisions.
The moonstone is a gem of intuition and deep understanding, it helps to balance the emotional body by accentuating freedom of expression, and in particular attenuates aggressive tendencies.
By bringing female energy, the moonstone opens our more yin side, can stimulate the functioning of the pineal gland, balances the internal hormonal cycles with the rhythms of nature, relieves menstrual and pregnancy pain, promotes fertility and helps stimulate the lymphatic and immune systems. It can reduce swelling and excess body fluid.
Although often considered a stone for women, the moonstone can be very useful for men to open their emotional self.


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