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Adolescents in crisis

Author: Emanuela Quagliata

The series is aimed at all parents and is composed of monothematic volumes dedicated to the stages that mark the life of the child and the parents: from pregnancy to adolescence. From a psychoanalytic perspective, the authors, among the leading Italian and foreign experts on the topics covered and on Work with you families, intend to offer parents a new point of view to observe and understand their relationship with their children, support them in their growth and face the critical areas of the development bull. The eleventh volume deals with the complex problems related to adolescence and the physical, emotional and social changes that this phase entails. This stage often implies a difficulty on the part of the adolescent to reconnect with reality, which can take the form of isolation with withdrawal from social life, violent or self-injurious behaviors, eating disorders. Often a therapeutic intervention can help adolescents and parents in parallel to go through this moment of crisis.

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