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A happy heart

Author: Angelo Vaira - Valeria Raimondi

Find out how you can communicate better with your dog, be happier together and have fun like crazy!

"Game! Let's play! That is, you get off the couch and put your worries aside. The game changes your facial expression. Your problems recede and you see them smaller and less serious! "

Here's what your dog would tell you if he could talk. In this book you will find a good reason to learn how to play with him on each page. In what sense to learn? First of all because we belong to different species, we have different languages ​​and therefore to play together without creating misunderstandings we must first understand each other.

And then, as Angelo Vaira and Valeria Raimondi explain to us, because the game is a very powerful tool that contains everything: communication, learning, fun, discovery, amazement, suspension of time, but also trust, tenderness, empathy. Playing quickly takes us to a state of mind where thoughts, worries, tiredness disappear and we live only in the present.

Our dog is a very fast train to reach this state of well-being, and we are for him. A unique book that will make you discover a deeper and happier relationship with your dog who will think: "We understand each other so well when we play".

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