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Zen and the art of rebellion

Author: Selene Calloni Williams

It is difficult to say whether “Zen and the art of rebellion aboard a sidecar in the fantastic story of Arianna” is more an exhibition of the art of rebellion or the story of Ariadne. In this book, inner formation, amazement and fun coexist harmoniously. The text - built with bricks of fiction, psychology and philosophy - tells an adventure of rebellion against the archons, who represent the norms, laws, rules that we have introjected and that make us measurable, predictable, governable. We all go through a powerful unconscious programming - which most call education - which, however, never manages to completely tame us. A spark of the fire of the freedom of the origins always remains lit in us and, at a certain point, we can cultivate it to find ourselves and awaken from a hypnotic sleep. The book tells the story of the discovery of inner fire, its liberation and finally the affirmation of freedom from conditioning. This process of rebellion and liberation is the birth of a new man and a new world. But Arianna's story is the reader's story, Arianna's battles are the reader's struggles. The narrative metaphor, therefore, is nothing but the means of the adventure of consciousness, which explores territories outside the known map of reality: the territories of outsiders, magicians and poets.

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