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Tibetan yoga of body, speech and mind

Author: Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche

We all seek happiness and its causes and long for relief from suffering, but we usually seek it in the wrong places and ways. The root of suffering is the mind that clings to the self: aversion and other afflictions arise from it. To put an end to this cycle, Wangyal draws on a wide range of practices related to the body, speech and mind, mainly drawn from bon, the indigenous tradition of Tibet prior to the introduction of Buddhism from India in the seventh century. Some of these teachings were until recently strictly secret: once, those who were willing to receive them were willing to travel for days on foot and face great difficulties in order to have access to them. When we know how to use them, the body, speech and mind offer us a constant opportunity to connect with our true nature. Wangyal shows the keys to open the three doors: which one to choose? If the problem that disturbs is of a physical nature, a practice linked to the body will be more suitable. If the pain is more related to energy or speech, the practices of speech, sound or energy are more suitable. Mental disorders respond well to practices that privilege work on the mind. But body, speech and mind are always connected to each other. What happens outside us has an effect on what happens inside and vice versa.

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