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Tibetan fairy tales

Popular legends are similar all over the world, because they speak of people, not ordinary people, but of the whole mysterious and fascinating people of magicians, giants, fairies and princes.

The main theme of popular legends is that of the honest, humble and courteous man, who triumphs over male. In this respect, the legends of Tibet are no different from all the others.

But Tibet can undoubtedly be considered unique. While the traditions of other ancient civilizations have almost disappeared, Tibet has kept its own, in its own daily life. For thousands of years Tibet has been able to evolve in almost total isolation thanks to the hi chainmalayana who excluded him from the world.

When China crossed its borders in 1959, many old Tibetans fled to the Indian side of the mountains, carrying ancient traditions and legends with them. From their mouth the author collected and transcribed them for the first time.

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