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Tibetan breathing yoga

Author: Anyen Rinpoche - Allison Choying Zangmo

Yantra yoga, an ancient tradition of tantric yoga, involves work on the body's energy channels, on the so-called 'energetic winds', which include the breath, and on vital essences. This practice allowed the great Indian and Tibetan yogis to heal from malattie, to sustain severe physical deprivation for a long time, and finally to realize wisdom, freeing oneself from the concept of self and dualistic perception. The breathing practices of yantra yoga, here referred to as 'training with the energetic wind', demonstrate how the control and purification of the breath can bring about greater mental and emotional stability and increase the health of the body. The in-depth knowledge gained by yogis on the beneficial effects of correct breathing today finds a surprising confirmation in the most recent researches developed by Western medicine, which identify superficial, thoracic breathing, the collateral cause of many extremely widespread disorders in the modern world, such as hypertension, stress and depression. By integrating the knowledge coming from these two fields, the religious and the modern one, the authors propose elementary exercises of yantra yoga, integrated with guided meditations on impermanence, awareness and suffering.

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