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Hand spray wonder blue-lavender


  • hand spray without rinsing and with 92% alcohol.
  • Suitable for all skin types.
  • Three varieties of 100% pure lavender essential oils
  • 30ml
  • Lo Lavender hand spray it is a pleasant lotion, slightly alcoholic, based on 100% pure essential oils of real lavender, hybrid lavender, lavender spica, ylang-ylang and ginger. The lavender flowers from which essential oils are distilled are called the "blue wonder": Their aroma evokes a sense of vastness that helps to free up fixed thoughts making them freer, clearer and decisions are made from a position of greater balance.In Aromatherapy lavender essential oil is used to calm, relax, regenerate. Popular tradition attributes to this essential oil excellent deodorant, draining and stimulating properties on the circulation, as well as soothing and regenerating on dry, acneic and enlarged pores skin.

    Lo lavender hand spray it is also very useful to be applied on mosquito bites and insects in general but also, thanks to its aroma that helps keep them away. The alcohol obtained from organic raw materials makes the hand spray easy to apply at any time of the day


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