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Salt lamp Himalayano

The salt lamps are around 250 million years old. The salt crystals, produced by the sea and the earth, make the energy of the environment more stable, more harmonious and light. Our lamps are valuable and quality lamps, made from 100% natural salt crystals.

The internal bulb is easily removable thanks to the bulb holder with clip; the base is in treated and polished cedar wood, with rubber feet.

Salt naturally attracts moisture, which is why we recommend not placing lamps on furniture that could get damaged.

Each lamp is handmade from a unique crystal in the world.

Shape and color are as they are created by nature. Two models are available: with or without a light wooden base (smooth natural cedar, with a natural scent) from 2 to 24 kg.

The crystalline salt due to its chemical structure, in contact with air, light and heat, gives off beneficial negative ions.

Negative ions neutralize positive ions emitted by electronic equipment

like televisions and computers, keeping environments healthy.

By turning on a salt crystal lamp, the amount of negative ions per cubic centimeters increases to 1200 after 12 hours and remains there for another 12 hours.

Furthermore, the orange light of the lamps, warm and soft, has a very beneficial effect both emotionally and spiritually; according to chromotherapy, the orange color is relaxing and stimulates the joy of life.


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