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Geshe Yesce Tobden, the life and teaching of a great master of our day

It is a book to read but also to give as a gift because it is suitable for everyone, in which the example and the story of his life are intertwined with those of Tibet, of the Chinese invasion, of the imprisonment suffered by him as by many other Tibetans, of the escape and of his hermitage in India. The geographical news on the Drag region, where GYT was born, is very interesting, full of incredible magical and esoteric places. Stories and testimonies of Tibetan and Western disciples, especially Italians, make all the moments in the life of this perfect Master, who was the first Lama residing at the ILTK of Pomaia, and has given teachings in Italy many times, close and inspiring. The recent episodes regarding the finding and official recognition of his reincarnation (the young monk Tenzin Namkha Rinpoche) by the Dalai Lama seal the contents of the volume!
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