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Buddhist images

Author: Hans Wolfang Schumann

Iconographic manual of Mahayana and Tantrayana Buddhism

Mahayana and Tantrayana Buddhism includes, in addition to the historian Gautama Buddha, also transcendent Buddhas, Bodhisattvas, Gods, Sadhitas and some great characters of history. A complete manual of such figures has never appeared until today, and they are revered and considered sacred in the spiritual world of northern India, as well as in Tibet, Nepal, Bhutan and Mongolia.

After a thorough introduction on the major systems of thought of all Buddhist teachings, the volume presents a complete illustrated list of the positions, deeds and attributes with which the images of the Buddhist Pantheon are identified and represented in illustrations and wood engravings. From a division into five categories, in turn divided into 14 groups, a well-defined set of the multitude of figures of the Great Vehicle and the Tantric Vehicle (including the Diamond Vehicle) arises. Each figure is analyzed from a religious, historical and iconographic point of view, its origins and legend are described. The mysterious world of Lamaism in Tibet and Mongolia is thus not only made understandable, but acquires a life of its own in the eyes of the reader, becoming a source of spiritual enrichment even for the layman. For the explanation of the figures mainly Indian sources have been used, since much of the world of representations of Buddhism Himalayano comes from India. A practical analytical index makes searching and consulting very fast.

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