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Yoga Tantra

Authors: His Holiness the Dalai Lama, Tson Ka-pa, Jeffrey Hopkins

Vol 3

The volume completes the series dedicated to the translation of the “Great exposition of the secret mantra” by Tsong-ka-pa, the great yogi and scholar who lived in Tibet between the last decades of the fourteenth and the beginning of the fifteenth century. This monumental work of Tibetan Buddhist literature presents the four classes of tantra, identifying in the yoga practice of divinity the element that distinguishes this vehicle from that of the sutras. While basing his analysis on the works of the 'three experts' of Yoga Tantra (Buddhaguhya, Sàkyamitra and Anandagarbha), Tsong-ka-pa uses the treatises of those great Indian masters only as material to support his argument. In fact, not tradition, but logic and reasoning constitute the ultimate authority to which the scholar relies to formulate an exposition of the tantric system that is both elegant and coherent. This third volume concludes the discussion of the classes of Tantra with the exposition of the methods to develop the abiding in calm and the special intuition, as well as the magical powers. Feats such as flying, walking on water or finding buried treasures are sought by meditators as tools for accumulating merit and approaching enlightenment, both by increasing one's skills and working for the good of others.


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