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Yoga and Chakras

Author: Anodea Judith

A volume of inestimable value, which hands down the experience of a life dedicated to yoga, with the clarity and simplicity that distinguishes only the great masters. With over 350 illustrations, a list of specific positions and sequences for each chakra!

The chakras can be perceived, seen, moved. In this revolutionary book, Anodea Judith translates and reveals an invisible and unknown language to most people, guiding the reader to a gradual and profound interpretation of one's body, one's attitudes and, ultimately, one's character. Where are our tensions hiding? How are our imbalances manifested? What do our postures, our way of walking, our tone of voice reveal? With Anodea next to us on the mat, yoga becomes an immediate and simple instrument of listening and self-observation, to access the treasure chest of energy we are the holders and custodians of and lead us to the most integral and positive expression of ourselves. A journey into our identity, through the seven portals of the chakras, which each reveal a part of us. Seven keys that open the same lock: we will learn to master and enhance them, to use them when it is appropriate and to conceal and protect them, if necessary. Anodea offers the reader the quintessence of his over 40-year-old yoga practice: specific and beautifully illustrated sequences of asanas for each chakra, breathing techniques and visualizations teach us to use the body as an energy-conscious tool.

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