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Superhuman life of Gesar of Ling

Author: A. David Neel - Lama Yongden

This work represents the first Italian translation of the epic and mythological events of Gesar di Ling, the national poem of Tibet, transmitted orally for centuries.

It is translated by Alexandra David Neel and published in 1931 is the most extensive of those known, which the explorer collected in the country of Kham (eastern Tibet), considered the birthplace of the hero, and compared with existing manuscripts.

Gesar is a "solar hero", founder and civilizer, whose mission consists in making order reign on Earth, in repressing injustice and violence, in defending Religion, the Good Doctrine, that is Buddhism, according to the indications of the "Precious Guru" Padmasambhava. He, Tibetans still believe, will return to do justice to his people.

The figure of Gesar probably has a historical basis in that of one or more divinized warrior leaders, who lived between the XNUMXth and XNUMXth centuries, of Tibetan or perhaps Mongolian or Chinese origin.

Born of a virgin, from a very young age he defeated the forces of darkness and at fifteen he fought against the enemy demons of religion.

Endowed with supernatural powers, capable of transforming, with his flying horse he will complete his mission by eventually becoming the ruler of Ling. With the help of the gods, Gesar prevails in all trials and over all enemies: giants, cannibal demons, lamas malefigs, armies of thousands of men, beings invulnerable to fire.

He, however, being the incarnation of a deity and his purpose being to transform the Male in Well, he always sends the "spirits" of the slain enemies to the Heavens they compete with.

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