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Travel to North India

Delhi and Varanasi, Benares and Vrindavana, Mathura and Mount Abu, Jaipur and Udaipur: the thousand faces of a civilization rich in values ​​and spirituality that has fascinated our West for millennia. The mythical stories of Hindu heritage told in the Mahabharata and the birth of Delhi, where the architect of the gods built a palace of wonders for the king. The rich temples of Ayodhya, the city of Rama, the incarnation of Vishnu. The Ganges, sacred river of the Hindus, and the splendid Varanasi, seat of the myth of the god Shiva, beautiful and disturbing. Rajasthan, the "land of kings", with its expanses of rocky desert, the scene of epic battles and romantic love stories. Agra and the famous Taj Mahal. A book that leads the reader to discover temples of sumptuous magnificence, powerful gods carved in stone, archaeological sites dripping with mystery, stories of men, gods and battles. The volume will be enriched by 50 illustrations in the text.

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