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Universal love

Author: Lama Yeshe

English edition.

This is truly a book for everyone, and probably one of the most important to have among your Buddhist book collection. By pulling together some of Lama Yeshe's introductory teachings on Buddhism, meditation, compassion and emptiness, and combining them with the definitive explanation of tantra, this one valuable volume will inspire students to go more deeply into the Yoga Method of Buddha Maitreya — a tantric practice . "But isn't tantra secret?" you ask. By now so many books have been published on tantra that the Dalai Lama himself said that appropriate books should be published, to correct mistakes made by inauthentic writers. Lama helps us to understand all the ways we can use meditation to develop transformation and gain transcendent experiences. It's still important to find a fully-qualified teacher like Lama or seek out a group deity yoga retreat, but this new offering from the Lama Yeshe Wisdom Archive is a very good explanation of Universal Love. Highly recommended.

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