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An idea of ​​destiny

Author: Tiziano Terzani

"What makes life that we have a happy adventure?" asks Tiziano Terzani in this work, which tells with his usual reflective power the existence of a man who has never stopped communicating with the world and with the conscience of each of us. In a continuous and passionate proceeding from history to personal history, the Terzani man, father, husband finally comes to light in these diaries. We thus discover that the expulsion from China for “counter-revolutionary crimes”, the disappointing experience of Japanese society, the trips to Thailand, the USSR, Indochina, Central Asia, India, Pakistan were not only the origin of the great works that we all remember. They were also years of doubts, nostalgia, of a persevering search for joy, years in which he sometimes had to tame the "dark beast" of depression. And precisely through this constant questioning, Terzani matured a new awareness of himself, entrusted to more intimate pages, meditations, letters to his wife and children, notes, all carefully collected and ordered by the author himself, up to his last moving writing: the speech read on the occasion of the wedding of his daughter Saskia, steeped in nostalgia for the child who is no longer there and love for life, that life that inexorably changes and transforms us.


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