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Go back home

Author: Norman Fischer

“Human beings have always wanted to“ go home ”, return to that dimension of peace and tranquility to which they feel they belong. The Odyssey is certainly one of the greatest tales of the return journey, full of dangers, battles, loves and triumphs. The fight of Ulysses against human and divine obstacles, and against his impulses, represents a valid example for those who, like him, are trying to return home and who fight daily against the difficulties of life. But Norman Fisher suggests something more. As a compassionate Zen master as he is, he uses the Odyssey to show us the way back spiritual. Rather than using ancient Chinese stories - as Zen books normally do - to open our minds and hearts, and move us resolutely to our spiritual homeland, the author uses the Odyssey stories, stories that are deeply rooted in our culture. , and therefore are absolutely understandable to the Western mind. For example, the difficult Buddhist concept of the anatman, or non-ego, is explained through the story of Ulysses presenting himself as Nobody to the Cyclops ”. (Dario Doshin Girolami).

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