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I read it in your face

Author: Paul Ekman

Ekman, psychologist and expert in non-verbal communication, illustrates the discovery to which he owes a world-class notoriety and teaches us to put it to good use. When we feel emotions, each of them triggers a sequence of signals that is its own, and which manifest themselves in body language, voice and facial expressions. It is a common biological denominator, the same in every people of the Earth because it is underlying other manifestations marked by cultural diversity. Learning to grasp it in ourselves and in others (our loved ones, the people we work with or those we simply meet on the street) means reading into their hearts to be able to really help them or know how to protect them even when they wear a mask. A very recent chapter is devoted to lies, and how to spot them through a series of recognizable clues with modest training. In addition to having become the basis for the training of the police, espionage and counterintelligence forces of various countries, this book is an indispensable tool for navigating our world, which has made emotions a very powerful lever.

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