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Tangka Yamantaka

Legend has it that during a serious epidemic in Tibet, which had claimed many victims, the patron saint of Tibet, the Bodhisattva Manjusri, assumed the form of Yamantaka to put an end to the serious epidemic.

The name Yamantaka means "the one who puts an end to YAMA"(The God of death) as well as the other name Yamari which means"enemy of YAMA”Is therefore the Destroyer of Death.

Simply Yamantaka fought against Yama who was initially the non-Buddhist demon of death, but who will only be converted later, until he becomes one of the eight Dharmapalas.

Yamantaka figures as Vajrabhairava or "the terrifying one with the lightning scepter", it defeats death the profound meaning is that Yamantaka has declared war on samsara (like the Buddhist doctrine), that is, to relieve beings from the painful interminable cycle of reincarnations.

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