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Green Tangka Tara

The birth of Tārā is usually associated with Avalokitesvara, the Bodhisattva of compassion. These, visualized the lower worlds in which the cycle of rebirth brings beings, moved with compassion and decided to devote himself to the salvation of all, shed tears. From these a lake was formed where a lotus flower was born. When the flower bloomed in the center was Tārā.

In another legend it is said that Tārā, in an ancient manifestation as Yeshe Dawa (Moon of Primordial Awareness), dedicated offerings to the Buddha Tonyo Drupa for millions of years and from these he instructed her on the concept of bodhicitta.

Later, approached by some monks, she was told that she should aim for a rebirth as a male, and then attain enlightenment. She promptly retorted that being female was a barrier to enlightenment only for the dull who were not yet enlightened. He then made the decision to be reborn as a female bodhisattva until the Saṃsāra was emptied. After tens of millions of years of meditation Yeshe Dawa manifested his supreme enlightenment as Tārā.

Size: 97 x 129 cm.

Origin: Nepal.

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