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Tangka Four harmonious brothers

The story of the "Four harmonious brothers" (Tib. mthun pa spun bzhi) is located in the section of Vinaya (Tib. 'Dul ba, ie "discipline") of Kangyur (Tib. bKa '' gyur), the Tibetan Buddhist canon. According to legend, Buddha Śakyamuni told this story to his disciples to help them understand the importance of cooperation and friendship.

Once, long ago, four animals, an elephant, a rabbit, a monkey and a partridge, found themselves in a forest, and began to argue about who was the owner of the tree on which they had eaten.

The elephant said, "This tree is mine, I saw it first!"

The monkey replied, "Elephant, do you see fruit on top of the tree?" At the elephant's negative response, the monkey went on to say: "You don't see any fruit just because I ate them all before you got here!".

Then the rabbit intervened saying: "I ate the leaves of this tree when it was still a shrub, before the monkey ate its fruits and the elephant saw it!".

To which the partridge replied: “The tree belongs to me because it would not even have been born if I had not planted its seed here! I was the one who gave birth to it before the rabbit ate its leaves, the monkey fed on its fruits and the elephant saw it! ".

The elephant, the monkey and the rabbit, therefore, understood that without the partridge the tree would never have been born and named her their older brother.

The four animals became friends and decided to share the tree in harmony, enjoying its fragrant flowers, its colored leaves and its tasty fruits.

They began to work together, one on the other's back; from that moment, they were called the "Four harmonious brothers" and became an emblem of peace, harmony, cooperation and friendship for the whole kingdom

Painted on blue brocade, finishing with metal knobs.

Origin: Nepal

Dimension: 113 x 83 cm.

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