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Stop. Put limits on your children through listening and respect

Author: Dumonteil - Kremer

How to pass on to your children those rules that help them grow up without resorting to blackmail and threats? How to explain the limits to them while respecting their wishes and needs? The author, a Montessori educator, with her first child found herself in front of these and many other doubts, and to fight against herself in order not to replicate, on her daughter, the repressive schemes of traditional education. Methods that work immediately, but which can lead to excesses of submission or rebellion. But how easy is it to give in to the temptation of a spanking, when yet another whim blows our nerves? With simplicity and frankness Catherine Dumonteil-Kremer accompanies educators and parents along the different stages and needs of childhood, with useful suggestions on how to fully listen to the needs of children and how to say Stop, without violence. Foreword by Micaela Mecocci.

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