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States of consciousness

Author: Charles T. Tart

'Consciousness' is one of the most often discussed - and misunderstood - terms encountered in everyday language today. But what does it mean when it is said that in dreams or under hypnosis one alters one's 'state of consciousness'? This book presents a theory based on the most recent scientific research in a field whose developments are still unpredictable. In addition to dreaming and hypnosis, the author analyzes meditation, states induced by soft and hard drugs, emotional states and other altered states of consciousness. Tart uses what he himself calls a 'systems' approach: that is, he examines states of consciousness as part of the total person and his environment, not just as a product of brain functioning. Using numerous examples and cases, Tart shows that what for one person is a 'special' or 'altered' state of consciousness can be an everyday experience for another; he also argues very convincingly that ultimately there is no state of consciousness that can be defined as' normale'.

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