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Feel good in murky waters

Author: Ezra Bayda

At the heart of this study is the Zen aspiration that induces one to open up to whatever life presents, however chaotic, irritating or complicated it may be. Education, the culture in which we are immersed, the same rational thought that constantly judges and compares, push us to live in a substitute for the real world, projected into the past or into the future and protected by direct confrontation with the present, with the "here and now ”that we cannot manage without defenses and conditioned reactions. All the strategies we use to maintain a sense of control over the world, to feel safe and accepted, keep us locked up in an artificial life, in a substitute for life. Being willing to open up to real experience allows us to discover the wisdom, compassion, and that authentic life that everyone longs for. Ezra Bayda applies this simple Zen teaching to a wide range of themes, such as emotional relationships, faith, forgiveness, sexuality, money, teaching simple techniques to extend spiritual practice to every aspect of daily life. Peace and fulfillment are accessible to all, right here, right now, under any circumstances.


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