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I'm here for you

Author: Thich Naht Hanh

How to keep energy and passion alive in a lasting relationship? What practices can help us forgive our partner for the pain he has caused us? How to start a new relationship on the right foot? How to deal with our impatience or attraction for someone else outside the couple? These questions, frequently asked to the author, were the impetus to elaborate this text, the first in which the master deals with the themes of conscious intimacy and sexuality. The book offers concrete help to positively transform one's relationship and learn to accept and love one's partner in his integrity. Among the fundamental ingredients for a lasting relationship, Thich Nhat Hanh suggests open communication, deep listening, the ability to lovingly deal with the strongest emotions, such as anger and fear, and above all the practice of gratitude and love. 'appreciation. I'm here for you is dedicated both to established couples who wish to strengthen their union, and to those who are going through a critical moment with their partner, with conflicts and suffering. Written with the usual clarity and full of advice for daily practice, this book is a fundamental guide for those who want to create lasting and conscious intimate relationships.

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