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Digital loneliness

Author: Manfred Spitzer

The digitalization of our daily life progresses at a dizzying pace and this is not always an advantage. If to answer any question we now draw on our smartphone, indifferent that our tracks are recorded, stored and analyzed in databases and then be interpreted, sold and used unduly, it means that we can no longer do without digital technologies, that we are dependent on it.

However, the "cybernetic" pathologies and the consequences on our health and our children due to the increasingly intensive use of computers, social networks and electronic games are known to all. This is not hostility towards technology, but real unwanted side effects such as stress, loss of empathy, depression, sleep and attention disturbances, inability to concentrate and reflect, lack of self-control and willpower .

Children, especially those who are still unable to read and write, are damaged in their sensory abilities, and bullying and cybercrime complete the picture of a situation that is increasingly getting out of hand.

The appeal that Manfred Spitzer launches in this book is to react for don't let our lives be dominated by industry lobbies that bombard us every day with messages about how important and useful digital media is, on how they make computer games intelligent, on the fact that PCs and Internet connections must be available to every student, that schools must be equipped with wireless and that information technology will guarantee us a perfect future.

Let's leave a devastated planet to our children, let's make sure that the laws of the market don't completely dominate their lives, let's take care of their education and their health by developing their critical skills, their autonomy of judgment and love for freedom that gives rise to respect for oneself and for others, the pillars of a healthy civil society.

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