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Buddhist symbols and Tibetan culture

Author: Dagyab Rinpoche

Tibetan art, but also teacups, belts, furniture, saddles, stirrups and all sorts of objects, clothing and construction overflow with symbols full of richness, vitality and colorful.

The most common are the eight favorable symbols, the eight auspicious objects, the seven treasures of royal power, the seven secondary treasures, the seven jewels, the six omens of long life, the five qualities that delight the senses, the four brothers in harmony and the three symbols of victory.

But what is the meaning of these catalysts that allow the emergence of the good, the beautiful and the good and which contain that "essential energy " that no repression and persecution has ever managed to eradicate from Tibet?

In his fascinating study - the most systematic so far published - Dagyab Rinpoché, mixing wisdom and erudition, gives us the keys to the complex of the best known symbols of Tibetan Buddhism and demonstrates how they build a bridge between our inner world and the outside world. Buddhist symbols and Tibetan culture is addressed not only to those who are eager to understand Buddhist symbolism but also to those who want to be conquered by the most famous Tibetan tales, passionate narratives that stage animals and mythical beings.

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