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Author: Hermann Hesse

Who is Siddhartha? He is one who seeks, and above all tries to live his entire life. He passes from experience to experience, from mysticism to sensuality, from philosophical meditation to business life, and does not stop with any teacher, does not consider any acquisition definitive, because what is sought is the whole, the mysterious everything that is dressed in a thousand changing faces. And in the end that everything, the wheel of appearances, will flow back behind Siddhartha's perfect smile, repeating the "constant, quiet, fine, impenetrable, perhaps benign, perhaps sneering, wise, multirugate smile of Gotama, the Buddha, as himself he had seen it hundreds of times with reverence ”. Siddhartha is undoubtedly the most universally known work of Hesse. This short novel about the Indian environment, published for the first time in 1922, has in fact had an amazing success in recent years. First in America, then in every part of the world, young people rediscovered it as their own text, where they found not only a great modern writer but a subtle and delicate essay, capable of giving, through this fictional parable, a teaching on life that evidently his readers did not meet anywhere else.

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