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Shakti. Female deities, mandalas and sacred geometries

Author: Ekabhumi Charles Ellik

In the Indian and Tibetan tantric tradition, female deities represent archetypal energies that exist in the universe as well as in each of us. By getting in touch with these energies, we can open up to our deepest self and discover parts of ourselves that we normally did not have access to. Thanks to the information accompanying each image, the sacred art of Shakti invites you to tune into a divine archetypal figure to activate its transformative power in your life. Through the 21 beautiful images of Indian, Tibetan and Nepalese goddesses, and the 21 yantras and mandalas (mystical diagrams based on sacred geometry), you will be able to develop qualities such as deep understanding, compassion and divine love. Coloring Shakti images is not a simple anti-stress exercise, but a moment of deep meditation and spiritual practice that will transform your day and help you integrate aspects of yourself that you may not know.

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