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Sex is a funny word

Author: Cory Silverberg

That's right, this is a book about sex you are holding. Are you smiling a little embarrassed as your cheeks turn red? It means that you have finally found the book that, perhaps without knowing it, you were looking for. “Sex is a funny word” is a text to read together with children and teenagers aged 7 to 12 years. He explores the complex world of sexuality, and he does it with a clear, simple and very funny style. With the fresh and colorful language of comics, the authors bring physical and emotional changes to the strip, the rediscovery of oneself, touching and touching, the first crushes and, with extreme delicacy, some indications to defend oneself from sexual abuse. The four friendly protagonists - Jacopo, Omar, Gaia and Zai - represent different personalities, points of view and family models, making the difference of each a richness for everyone. Guiding the reading are four key words: respect, trust, joy and justice, which help the young reader to recognize their feelings, explore their emotions and never take anything for granted. A tool to help parents and educators to face the great theme of sex in a loving, inclusive and joyful way and to raise healthy, aware and peaceful children. Age of reading: from 7 years.

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