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With no way out

Author: Pema Chodron

“Nurturing loving-kindness, maitri, towards yourself does not mean getting rid of something. Maitri means that, after all these years, we can still afford to be half mad; we can still be angry, shy, jealous, or feel totally unworthy. The point is not to make an effort to change yourself. The practice of meditation is not about trying to throw yourself away to replace yourself with something better. Instead, it means making friends with the person you already are. The object of practice is you, it is me, whoever we are here and now, and exactly how we are. This is our field of investigation, which we study and prepare to know with profound curiosity and interest… So, come as you are. The trick is to be willing to open up to who you are, to be fully aware of who you are. One of the most important discoveries of meditation consists in realizing how one continually escapes from the present moment, avoids being here, being as one is. This should not be considered a problem, but the important thing is to become aware of it ».

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