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Ayurvedic soap Chandrika

Chandrika is a very popular Ayurvedic soap with excellent properties. The special combination of natural ingredients with herbs works equally well for its high cleansing abilities, as well as for calming the skin.

Chandrika contains seven essential oils: orange oil, patchouli oil, palmarosa oil, cinnamon leaf oil, wild ginger oil, sandalwood oil, limepeel oil. Contains: Kera Thailam, Thamalapatra Thailam, Madhoochistam (total 65%), Garudaphala Thailam, Tamarasara Rasayanar, Aranya Jordraka, Gana jvaladi, Chayam, Thaliparna Thailam, Rohisa Thailam, Guchch.

Packaging 75 gr.

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