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Small bunch of white sage, 11 cm

White sage (Salvia Apiana) grows in the southwest of the United States and in the northwest of Mexico, it grows wild especially in Southern California, in the Mojave and Sonora deserts.

It is a sacred plant for many Native American peoples of the west coast, used in various ways.

The most widespread is the use for fumigation. The smoke of the burnt sage has the property of purifying the invisible aspect of the person.

It can be used before ceremonies by sending the smoke of a sprig or leaf towards the person, from the head to the feet, possibly using a natural feather to displace the smoke.

White sage is also useful for the purification of places, before and / or after a ceremony, or when painful episodes have occurred in a room, such as a fight. In this case, it may be sufficient to let a sprig or a sage leaf burn on a brazier, if you want to do a deep cleaning you can walk around the room, especially in the corners, with a lit sage leaf.

It is a good practice to do a purification with sage even in places where one settles for the first time, in order to remove from the environment the residual energies left by those who lived there previously.

The purification is immediate and very profound.

In some traditions in the Pacific coast it is customary to burn the sage on a shell, while others collect the twigs in a small bundle holding it in the hand. In any case, after having lit it, when you see some embers forming, it is better to turn off the flame and let the embers emit the characteristic smoke.

White sage can be used for the preparation of an herbal tea, used by Cahuilla women to recover after giving birth. n other tribes it was used for the preparation of sweets and energy preparations.

A study done at the University of Arizona in 1991 showed that white sage has potential antibacterial properties.

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