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Health and healing in Tibetan medicine

Auotre: Luciano Zambotti

Tso-ce is the ancient name of Tibetan medical art. It means both "that which heals" and "he who heals". Tibetan medicine is a holistic psychosomatic system that conceives man as a single physical, mental and spiritual reality, but it is also a religious medical system that has deep roots in Buddhist philosophy. Man is by nature correlated with the ecosystem that surrounds him. The five elements - Space, Air, Fire, Water and Earth - are the basis for understanding the energies that dominate the world, the forces that act inside the human being (microcosm) and those that act outside the Universe. (macrocosm) and their interactions. Three subtle energies regulate all mental and physiological processes of each individual: their balance guarantees their health. The text by Luciano Zamboni presents the history of Tibetan medicine, addresses the study of its bases, of the fundamental texts up to describing the training of the Tibetan doctor; illustrates how the alteration of the dynamic balance of the three subtle energies and of the somatic, psychic and spiritual components of the human being generates the malattie; explains its care; classifies and describes the properties of medicinal plants. The volume is accompanied by illustrations, a glossary and an extensive bibliography.

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