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More courage to live. Elaboration of mourning with family constellations

Author: T. Schafer

Death and life are part of each other; those who are afraid of dying are generally also afraid of living. Those who fully accept life, with its ups and downs, take a first step towards a profound acceptance of their destiny. However, man has always dreamed of cheating death. With a great sense of humor, but also with seriousness, some fairy tales tell of heroes who tried to defeat death. Such fairy tales address the question of what life would be like if time stood still and one could live forever. Would it really be desirable? The Family Constellations have shown that fairy tales can represent life scripts and have revealed how much the theme of death affects people's lives. The effects of taboo topics, such as accompanying death, death bed promises, or organ transplantation, are increasingly coming to light during Family Constellation performances. Thanks to his many years of experience in the systemic field, Thomas Schäfer explains how to mourn in order to be able to open up to life again.



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