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Little Tibet. Discovering Bylakuppe

Author: Ernesto De Angelis - Rigel Langella

Rigel Langella and Ernesto De Angelis take us on an exciting adventure in Little Tibet, a remote area in southern India, in the state of Karnataka, geographically very distant from the original place. In this articulated journey through the memories of the diaspora, our authors seem to try their hand at trying "to put the primordial archetype back together in a sort of journey of Isis to recompose the lost limbs of Osiris" by recovering a basic piece of the great unfinished Tibetan mosaic. The massive presence of refugees, who try to tenaciously preserve their traditions together with a solid faith, are the tangible testimony of a piece of history that tends to be forgotten, written with the blood and sweat of this extraordinary people, capable of integrating, while maintaining integrates its identity. In this regard, the Dalai Lama recalls that, when thousands of Tibetans fleeing fled to India, they were strangers: "the only things we knew were heaven and earth ...".

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